A sparkling day

Published 06.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Day 10.

A sparkling day is what Ingvild describes this day as, and we all agree.

Starting off this morning in 29ºC below and a good 5-6m/sec, makes the efficient cold beneath -40C. But out came the sun again, and the wind died out. We were walking in our thinnest jackets and barehanded for most of the day.

The surface today was ridiculously pretty, and nice to ski on… 5-7cm of fresh snow made it like skiing on a dusty living room floor.

Did 26,5kms today, and most of it uphill. Finally, in the last leg we spotted Dye 2, the abandoned radar-station from the cold war. We are now just 27,9kms away from it, and we are planning to ski pretty close to it tomorrow and go visit it on Saturday morning.

Life is really good and treating us all very well.

Ingvild and Are sends their best regards to Ingvild’s mother Tove. We both doing good, and we love you very much !!!

On the Icecap: Are “sunburn” Johansen


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