a welcome change to our senses after weeks on the ice…

Published 15.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

After an unusual warm night on a beautiful plain with a little lake, we started our first real hiking day with the aim to get to the top of Austmannadalen. Through a valley with amazing rocks, boulders and stones, Max also discovered the first willows and we all had to put our noses in it. All those wonderful colors, smells and odours as well as the singing birds are more than a welcome change to our senses after weeks on the ice.

Crossing a little pass the Isvann – a glacial lagoon with lots of icebergs swimming on it – appeared in front of us, another eye-candy after all those days with all kinds of shades of white. Further down that lagoon, a glacial river crossing awaited us. Over very slippery stones and the water well up to the bottom, we managed to get over it and had a well deserved lunch break there.

Ursula .

We camped in the floor of the beautiful valley which hosted a Viking settlement almost 1000 years ago. The contrast to our surrounding just a few days ago could hardly be bigger: Warm, autumn colors, aromatic heathers that delight our senses, a dry tent without frozen zippers… a paradise that we walk  with our heavy backpacks.

With this unique trip coming slowly to an end I am looking forward to seeing my wife and daughters again.


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