of Børge Ousland

2014 (August) Crossing of Spitsbergen glacier in Svalbard as part of the Ice legacy project, with Vince Colliard and 2 other team members.

2013 (November) Crossing the Southern Patagonia icecap, this time as part of the Icelegacy project, together with Vince Colliard and 3 other teammates

2012 (July-August) Crossing Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. (First ski-expedition)

2010 (June-October) Circumnavigation of the North Pole in 4 months, with Thorleif Thorleifsson in the 31 foot trimaran ‘Northern Passage’. (First circumnavigation in one season and a historic feat).

2010, (March) Crossing Vatnajøkelen together with Erling Kagge and Haraldur Ørn Olafsson.

2009, (November) Crossing the Northern Patagonian Ice Field with Bengt Rotmo and Thorleif Nøkleby.

2007, (May-September) In the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen through Franz Josef Land, with Thomas Ulrich.

2006, (January-March) Completing the first ski-expedition during winter months to the North Pole, together with Mike Horn.

2003, (August-October) Crossing the Southern Patagonian icecap from Tortel to Puerto Natales, with Thomas Ulrich.

2003, (March-May) Mount Everest expedition (the South Summit).

2001, (March-May) Solo expedition across the North Pole from Cape Artichesky to Ward Hunt Island, Canada.

1999, (August-September) Ascent of Cho Oyu, Himalaya.

1999, (March) Ascent of Huayna Potosí, Bolivia.

1996–97, (November-January) Solo expedition across the Antarctic continent.

1995, (November-December) Solo expedition to the South Pole.

1994, (March-April) Solo expedition to the North Pole. (First unsupported solo ski-expedition)

1993, (April) Through Franz Josef Land with Agnar Berg.

1990, (March-May) The North Pole with Erling Kagge and Geir Randby. (First unsupported ski-expedition)

1986, (March-May) Crossed Greenland with Agnar Berg and Jan Morten Ertsaas.

You can read more about Børge’s present and past expeditions on his blog.