Across the Atlantic and all the way South.

Published 28.12 in category Mt. Vinson 2013


Last minute preparations…in the room

When summer is starting in the Southern hemisphere it is the moment to try and achieve the conquering of one of the harder and definitely the most inaccessible seven summits: Mountain Vinson, in Antarctica.

Our little but very strong team is composed of Inge Meloy, Torbjorn and Sigve Grimstad.

We have flown down to Santiago de Chile, and then on to Puntarenas, regional capital of this southern part of Chile, jumping point for many of the adventurers travelling down to Antarctica. Here we will spend just a little time working on last minute preparations and packing before we are off to the white continent.


Plaza de Armas, Puntarenas




This is the most famous statue in the “Plaza de Armas” (weapons coutyard) in Puntarenas. Tradition has it that if you kiss the statue’s foot you will come back to town. So I imagine that before taking off to Antarctica, and even if you are not superstitious, it is a good thing to do. Do not be ashamed  though. Judging from how worn out the foot is you haven’t been the first one to do it!



Enjoying some “gammeldans” and “tørrfrisk” to celebrate to completition of packing for Mt. Vinson.
We are soon of for the BIG ICE!


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