Across the lake

Published 01.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday we sailed from Tortel and towards the glacier.The wind was luckily from the south so that we could access the inner part of the fjord, and carry all the equipment and a small rubber boat up to the lake.We drove with the rubber boat across this 2 Km long lake, and put up camp at the beach.

I knew there were trout there, so I brought a fishing rod. We quickly got three nice trouts, before Vince borrowed it and got a 2 kg.
Today we have done the first carry , up to about 400 metres alktritude. We didnt reach the ice, but are happy with the progeess. It was a hard day, we did almost 12 hours through the jungle, cutting branches and bushes with machete. But now we have a good path and will leave the lower camp, and hopefully be on the ice tomorrow.

Weather looks good for the first part of the day, so hopefully we will get through the jungle before it starts to rain.

Today has been a beautiful day with mostly sun.

We are all well and spirits are high.

Saludos! Borge

  Vincetrout          Vince is the winner of the fishing trophy !

  Jungle crossing         Ola, looking like a local, machete in hand.


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