After the storm

Published 11.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013

The wind and the weather has been a great part of this  trip. Juans summary of yesterday gave a good picture of this fall trip. We started in whiteout, got some nice weather with sun, then we got a good part of wind, and then some whiteout again. We put up camp in stormy conditions and during the night we got a hurricane!

Today started aproxemately 00:00 with an irridium message that the wind will pick up to a hurricane during the night – secure tent as good as possible!
We put on a lot of clotes and started securing the camp.
We made snowvals to every tent and even roped inn one of the tents, at 0300 the camp was as good as it could be. Five o clock this morning the hurrycane hited us. the camp tok the wind in a good way. by 11 the wind started to slovly calm down. we stayed in camp until  1700 before we broke camp and faced DYE2 again. yesteday we did30kilometrs, today 6. we are now close to the infmous camp Raven, ad can see dye2 from our campsite..
Saludos Bengt

Latest position

Lat66deg29’55” Lon-46deg17’19” Alt +2125 m (8s ago) 11-Sep-2013 01:17:34 UTC

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