Ahhh, this is Patagoniaaaa

Published 02.11 in category Patagonia 2012

Day 4, Wednesday 1st November: In mixed weather they started out right after breakfast and made their zigzag way up the valley. It was a good first test and they reached up to the Keyhole which is the telling name of the point were they will go onto the icecap proper. First test well done!
Later in the day they were back in camp, and stayed. The reason that the last bit of equipment had not arrived and no horses were seen.
Late in the day it appeared that the rain the day before had flooded the river and the horseman did not want to go up alone. He preferred to wait for the others and two are supposed to be up by 10:00 the next morning. – ‘what’s wrong with tomorrow’… the gauchos could not be stressed. We’ll see tomorrow how things develop.

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