All good with the team

Published 14.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

We have done most of the «steep» uphills today, and from now on a slow and steady pace is the key to reach DYE II.

Today’s team member is our Spanish amigo, Hermenegildo aka Hilo.

Hilo works in Antarctica as a safety- and polar guide on a Spanish research station, where he also takes part in a really cool wind-sled project in polar regions.

He fixes everything that needs fixing, and brought 20 different needles for sewing things together, just in case 😉

He is a calm and quiet guy, like most polar guides, and patiently answers all of my questions about the Spanish language.

He’s expecting to become a father in mid-june, which is a good reason for us to reach the east coast on time !!!

Vamos a la playa, Mari, Rune and the team

Rune Krogh sent this message from:

Lat 67.1563, Long -48.9409

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