All set to go!

Published 07.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Everyone (except Bill who will arrive on the 9th) has arrived in Kangerlusuak. They will use the next couple of days to pack and get ready for the ice. Bengt reports that the plan is to head up to the start point on the 10th, that will leave them with enough time to plan, pack and go through the various for glacier travel, rescue techniques, camp procedures etc.

Other expeditions report of great conditions on the icecap, it’s been cold with a good snow cover and with spring advancing the team should be up for a great experience. Hope they have packed enough sun cream!

Here is a link to their current possition in Kangerlusuak.

Lat+67.010966 Lon-050.733616 Alt +157 ft (17s ago) 06-May-2013 18:07:04 UTC

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