Almost in top shape again

Published 15.01 in category South Pole 2008

Report from Svante: It was almost perfect weather when we started our day – no wind and an almost comfortable temperature, relatively speaking. Our goal is to reach S88˚44’ in the course of tomorrow. Snow conditions there are supposed to be ideal for landing a Twin Otter. We plan on flying closer to the Pole so as to reach our final destination in time.

Everyone is feeling in far better shape, and within a day or two we expect to be back to normal. Up to now, three members of our group have suffered adverse effects of the high altitude – and the combination of skiing seven hours a day, and not eating, is hardly conducive to good health. Fortunately, biscuits, water and Norwegian crisp bread (knekkebrø) seem to have done the trick, speeding recovery.

We have progressed another 14 km today and are now camped at S88˚41’. It’s been a good day.


The weather clears up – Adrian, Helen and Andrew find good reason to smile.

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