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This trip has been a weathertrip for sure. Most of all it has been whiteout. Every sunny opening has been short but beautifully. With whiteout the navigation gets harder, and we have traveled a lot longer than we would have done in normal conditions.

The day before yesterday we woke up to sunshine, cold weather and a icesold athabaskan wind from the east. The wind has been in our tail the whole day. The wiew have been stunning, and conditions has been great for skiing. In total we did 29kiometers that day and we reached a place known as Dog Camp. Its the place were  dogs normaly stop on dogcrossings. This day was also the first time we saw mountains, a great sight!
Its when you almost are finished with the trip you realize that the adventure is going to an end. In one hand you want to reach the goal, in the other you want to continue being on the trail. Last night in tent is therefore normally used to think about the trip, your fellow adventurers and about the god time on the ice.

We started 0600 this morning, leaving dogcamp, clipped inn in rope since there is a crevasse field after a kilometer. The crevasse was all covered with nice snowbridges. We clipped out of the rope as soon as we got into the meltingsystems. The whole day we have walked in frozen melting systems. we crossed two big rivers. Also frozen. One of them is the infamous Canion that has stopped plenty of expeditions here on the western side of the icecap. Its enormous, and must be more than 50 meters deep at a few points. We found a good snowbridge where we crossed it. The team is remarkable strong. Handel’s the long days in a great way. And most of all its a happy team. Now we are approx 10kilkometers from our pickup point, but the way there is trough a chaotic meltingsystem, and it will be a lot of work to come down in one day, but we will do our best.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest Position:

Lat67deg8’59” Lon-49deg44’13” Alt +828 m (11s ago) 16-Sep-2013 23:41:34 UTC

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