Almost through the icefall – next the Plateau

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14th of May

Paul van Koppen called in and gave the report of a hard but great day on the Greenland icecap.

Yesterday was without report, but that went well too with sunshine, not too windy and with a steady climb to get out of the icefall.

Today was both more challenging and more rewarding, Paul says. Minus 17 and a stiff breeze from ESE, and Bengt ordered facemask on to avoid frostbite, checking at regular intervals that everyone was OK. (Frostbites in the face is however seldom critical, its the fingers and toes we need to watch out for).

Paul says he likes the lunch a lot and they must have lots of variations since he had noodles, cheese, crackers salami, biscuits and finished off with coffee for lunch. And after lunch the wind died down, they came out on the icefall, where it flattened out a bit and they are now on more even snow-covered ground at 1230 metres of altitude.

This is great news, as the conditions will be much better from now. It means no more crampons. From here it will be on skies all the way to the east coast!

They also saw the tracks of the German group today, which are a couple of days ahead.

So all in all a great day, but hard, and Paul said he was glad he put in some training in advance. Spirits is high; it’s a good mix of adventures from 4 different nations and a good sense of humour in the group, which is important. All well with the rest of the team to, no blisters.

Bengt gives his regards to his wife Janne and his children back in Norway.

Last position:

Lat+67.161449 Lon-049.072700 Alt +3992 ft (9s ago) 13-May-2013 21:27:52 UTC

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