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Published 29.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
Our adventure team are now fully on their way back to Tasiilaq. The Spring is really present, snow is melting quickly and makes traveling a little bit more demanding.


May 29
Hi, this is Gudleik calling in todays update. We still have an amazing weather. I guess thats kind of the best description on this trip: the good weather trip. We don’t really mind that, but it means that the breakdown of the snow also goes fast. When we comes down to the lover part of the land it will be more demanding to find good places to run the dogs, so some places we mush on gras, stones and rocks. We are now going down some of the steep hills we earlier climbed up, and to us who are not used to mush, some of the steps are quite dramatic. Its unbelievable what you can do with a dog team!

Our lunch camp was one of a kind. A beautiful view. Something that I earlier only have seen on film, and the meal was nothing but real greenlandic rain deer meet!

Other than that Morten now have been using shorts and T-shirts quite a lot, and I must say he dress it very well here on the glaciers in Greenland. In the eventing we had a couple of rounds playing cards and the others spotted me sabotage the game by losing so I could go early to bed.

– Gudleik

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