another brilliant day

Published 02.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016



The 1st of September brought us another brilliant day with a great blue sky and a white horizon as far as your eyes can see… Good snow, almost no wind and ice crystals glittering in the sun. We all have to protect our faces from sunburns and look mostly like clowns: covered with white cream.

Last night, Steffen slept outside – even though the night temperatures drop well below -20C – to watch out for northern lights. ¡ And it was worth it ! The whole sky was covered when he woke me up, but that was not all: the amount of stars was as well breathtaking: half of the universe above us…

Now the morning sun is heating up the tent, the stove is burning and it seems as if another good day lies ahead of us. Even though Evelyne and me made some jokes yesterday about our next holidays would be on a beach in the Caribbean…  I think nobody really wants to be elsewhere.


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