another sunny and beautiful day

Published 24.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016
Today, another sunny and beautiful day lays behind us: While we got higher and higher on the glacier, we kept seeing the Umivik-fjord with its icebergs behind us all morning until it slowly disappeared behind the white slope…

In the afternoon we got a glimpse of some other fjords north of Nansen’s Halvø (peninsula). As we went on along Nansen’s route, one Nunatak after another appeared behind the white horizon and our camp lays not far away from one we plan to climb tomorrow. Last night, there were some amazing Northern Lights after midnight covering the whole sky – these are the Inuit children paying in the skies…
Maybe, it’s time to introduce the team: First of all there is Bengt – the most laid-back guide ever, who takes as a shepherd’s very good care of his herd. Then there is Steffen from Germany, specialist on all issues about Nansen’s life and journeys. He also is the best organised member of the team, having his equipment under total control and knows exactly where everything is – Max is a young artist from Oslo drawing in his sketchbook every day,  observing the others and walking along in his own track flying away over the Nunataks in his own mind. Evelyne is the Swiss mountain guide, which has numerous expeditions behind her, including a full distance South Pole. Ursula from Switzerland is on her second Greenland crossing and her humorous laughter can make the glaciers flow backward !!!

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