Antarctica hits back

Published 11.12 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Christian i teltet

Christian in the comfort of the Helsport tent reflecting on an impressive effort from his companions.

Saturday / Day 14: Titan Dome is reckoned as the coldest place and hated by Polar explorers. It is high. It is windy. It is very cold. For some reason, this terror territory.

After the great day yesterday the Cold struck back. The weather was good, but the cold was at least -30°, it made for difficult working conditions. The feet and body was ok. The fingers too, but every move had to be calculated and fast. Eating, drinking and pissing in the breaks was like seeing Formula 1 pit stops. – Efficient.

But the worst part was the face. The facemask had to be on all the time, and it had to fit as the slightest leak would give instant frostbites. Inside this, doing a considerable bit of work, the breathing was heavy. The direct result was that the goggles iced up. Trond and Rory was the worst effected and for the best part of the day they had no idea where they were. The others fared a bit better and took turn in finding a way as south as possible.

Christian, writing the days report, reflected on how incredibly impressed he is with his teammates Linn-Elise, Gøril, Silje, Teo, Rory and Trond. They were cut a really raw deal today, but still climbed to 3085 m covering 28,8km! 262km left to the South Pole, that is 8-9 days.


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