Arctic, Aaaarctic, you are the best !!!

Published 28.04 in category North West passage 2019

Whaaaat a day!!! Arctic, Aaaarctic you are the best!

Bright sun, no wind and good skiing conditions! We are so lucky!

Early camp toda, and gGetting ready for a shower soooon 🙂 11 km from Gjoa now, only “sjarmør ettappen” left. But keeping focus so we do not break a ski or burn down a tent. The trip is not over before we are back home with our friends and family.

Enjoying our last night in the tent before a warm and cozy bed at the hotel. Nalgene party is on, putting two Nalgene bottles in the sleeping bag and dreaming 700 dreams, all of them away from the cold…

Chhhherrrio, the Northwest Passage team

Monica Hundseid sent this message from: Lat 68.629628 Lon -96.164982

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