at the amusement park

Published 15.09 in category Greenland Fall 2015


A look out of the tent this morning suggested that we are done with skiing for this crossing. There was hardly a few patches of snow left. What remained from the summer melt was just icy rubble – easier to walk on than to ski. So we went on foot and our legs have welcomed this change of motion. When we reached the first crevasses we had to put the skies back on for the sake of safety. Soon after we found a little miracle: from about 50 meters of altitude below our start this morning the surface was covered by a thin snow cover! Not enough to hide the dangerous spots, but just perfect to get our skies sliding.

When we left the crevasses behind our backs we entered an area of icy bumps and creeks – the best amusement park nature could offer to us. Finally some real slope!

We have been gliding, ice skating, jumping and running over the fairytale landscape,and we have descended 250 m in 22 km today. Can’t wait for another day on the glacier tomorrow!

The Highway 5



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