At the South Pole

Published 27.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013

Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole

It was 18pm Norwegian time when we arrive to 90 degrees South.

Thirteen days after departure from Sola the finish line is crossed. The seven long hard days skiing, from 89 to 90 latitude, are over and everything has gone very well! There is blue sky, sun, wind and cold – just as one would expect the South Pole to be.

We have accommodations (still in tents…) at the South Pole base before the scheduled return flight to Union Glacier Camp tomorrow.

As always here, that is the plan if weather allows it. Otherwise we would have to postpone our departure until the following day. But the 29th December is the flight from Union Glacier Camp back to Punta Arenas in Chile, and hopefully when the whole expedition gang leaves.


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