At the summit !!!

Published 22.08 in category Newtontoppen 2016


Summit of Newton mountain…ooohhh yeahhhh!

Weather cleared a little bit this morning but the summit of Newton mountain was still in the cloud with some strong wind. We still decided to give it a try hoping the summit would show his face on the way up. At approx 1.400 m we turned back, visibility was bad. We went down back to the camp, ate lunch and waited an extra hour and a half before the second attempt. The way up was beautiful! We met an English expedition on the way. Even though the summit was still in the white, we could still see the sun shinning.

By 15.15 we reached the 1713m of Newton, in the the white but at the top this time! Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy a good dinner! Life is good on expedition.

We are ready to head back South. See you tomorrow!

Cheers, Vince, Bjørn, Erlig and Lars

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