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Published 24.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

2013greenland29The team called in today, but it was very difficult to hear the message, so this blog might not be very accurate.

Overcast and windy today, with a shorter day than normal due to weather, and with 20 km distance done. There has been a polar bear sighting (from a plane?) 100 km away, and heading north, so they will probably not meet this bear. (Polarbears sometimes wander into the interior to cross the icecap looking for drifting ice or better hunting ground, but it is quite rare).



Highlight of the day was the celebration of Paul’s birthday which were done in due manners with cake and songs.

Their accurate position shows that they are at the top of the plateau, and that everything is well:)

Last camp position:

Lat+66.363033 Lon-044.813100 Alt +8100 ft (1s ago) 23-May-2013 22:39:17 UTC

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