Back at Union Glacier!

Published 16.01 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Jocob and Gøril on the plane back to Union Glacier after an Antarctic Crossing very well done!

Sunday: To their surprise, the Twin Otter came to pick them up. The weather did not look like easing until Monday, but suddenly the plane circled above! The weather was deteriorating and it was some anxious minutes before the pilot bravely put it down on their homemade, uphill airstrip with a horizon far fro straight. He was not impressed. But outs friends cheered wildly and it became a scrambled to take the camp down and get on board. A bit later they arrived back at Union Glacier – and the full circle was a reality.  50 days after leaving Union they were back. 1750km, across the Antarctic continent. In two days they will mark the 100 years date for Scott’s arrival at the South Pole…

But back at Union, a TABLE with chairs and lots of food and Champagne awaited them! Later on they were offered a shower and they relaxed by the fireplace in the mess-tent late in to the evening. Their smiles so wide it probably hurt. – In a few days they hope to fly pack to Punta Arenas.



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