Back in Longyearbyen!

Published 06.08 in category Nordaustlandet 2013



The expedition is now back in Longyearbyen. Most of the team will be on flights to the mainland already today. Vibeke will join the sailboat back to the mainland. Here are more pictures from this fantastic trip:

_DSC3836 _DSC3877 _DSC3921 _DSC3927 _DSC3948 _DSC3959 _DSC4003 _DSC4010 _DSC4020 _DSC4033 _DSC4034 _DSC4035 _DSC4036 _DSC4037 _DSC4041 _DSC4268 DSC00908 IMG_0043 IMG_0182 IMG_3854 IMG_3891


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