Back in Tasiilaq

Published 31.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
The adventure team are now back in Tasiilaq. The trip has been a great success, both mushers and dogs had a beautiful trip on Angmagssalik. We will post pictures from the trip soon.

IMG_2521May 30
We came inn last night after another beautiful day. When we came to the bay here in Tasiilaq, the ice was broken up so bad that we had to get a boat to bring us over to town. Our boat man did a couple of rounds back an forth to get everybody, mushers and dogs, sleds and equipment, over the ice broken bay in to Tasiilaq. We are now back at the hotel safe and sound, celebrating a real Greenland adventure.

Sigrid, Morten, Gudleik and Astrid

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