Back in Vinson basecamp, and suddenly to Union Glacier !!!

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Back in basecamp !

After some long, hard and beautiful days the team came back to VINSON base camp.
The summit day started with cold wind and discussions if it was possible to climb that day.
We decided to give it a go, and set out in cold wind and approximately 20 minus.
The climb to the summit is about 1100 meters up from high camp and a mix of snow and blue ice slowly rising up to 40 degrees.
The team was roped up all the time for safety reasons and because of crevasses.
After about 7 hours of climbing and walking we came to the summit and the summit ridge.
The summit ridge is a mixed climb of rocks and snow about 500 meters long to reach the highest point of Antarctica.
Steep walls on both sides of the ridge and a place you really don’t want to fall down…
Suddenly the wind stopped. Temperature was minus 33.
We stayed at the summit, alone, being the highest 3 persons in Antarctica for 45 minutes.
drinking “solbærtoddy” and eating “Gjende-kjeks”

: )
The way down was long, and after a total of about 10.5-11 hours we hit the sleeping bags in highcamp.
Next day we rested until mid-day and rappelled down the 1200 meter long headwall  and arrived in base camp Vinson just after midnight.
When we woke up at Tuesday 7 January we were suddenly scheduled for the Twin Otter flight back to UNION GLACIER and here we are now, enjoying the company of other South Pole tourist, skiers, climbers and the ALE staff, and waiting for the Russian Ilyishin-76 (transport plane) to fly us back to the real world on Friday, 10 January.

Happy climbers and triple smiles from the big ice!

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