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Published 11.09 in category Greenland Fall 2018

Today we pushed and beat all record by 35km!

We broke camp 07.00 and it was around -20. During the first leg the temperature raised so much that everyone had trouble to follow along without sweating! It was 4+ at some point!

The clouds got lower and lower and suddenly we where in whiteout again… so back to compass navigating and focus.

It was so warm, we had lunch outside and some fell a sleep on top of the pulkas. On the first leg after lunch it cleared up, and far away in the horizon we could again see that black dot…  We pushed our way forward and reached the dye-2 station around 09.00pm, long day…

We are now resting in our tents looking forward to see this station tomorrow (which will be Tuesday), and then we will rest a couple of hours in the morning before we set sail again.

It’s strange walking for weeks without seeing anything else than snow or nothing. I guess it’s what you put in your head while walking. Some listen to music, some train their heads, and some just keep talking all day! Anyway I can tell you that being up here on the ice cap is hard work, and if you want anything you need to work for it!

You learn to appreciate the things back home where everything is so easy.

Each one on this expedition have a great story to tell, and it’s never boring here, but then again, there is not much time for being bored since there is always work to do…

We all know that the target is in reach now, and that’s a good feeling! ✌️

All good in Greenland Rune & Team 😊


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