Back on track

Published 03.11 in category Patagonia 2012

Pushing upwards towards the icecap

Day 5, Thursday 2nd Nov: They stayed in the tents for the morning awaiting the horses. But as the clock ticked past noon, they started being worried. By one they began making emergency plans as they would run out of food later in the day; two should go up to the depot layed down the day before in the Keyhole to fetch some food, and others descend to a cabin further down. This can be seen from the settlement by the lake, and the plan was to lit a fire and use the smoke to attract attention.
Luckily it all came to nought as the horses arrived at 14:00!
They quickly packed up and started the last push to the depot. They almost reached up, camped at the entrance to the Keyhole, but were happy with that. Tomorrow the plan is to push through and get the camp onto snow!

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