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Published 19.04 in category North Pole 2012

Pick-up time

Thursday 11:50 – Just this moment the helicopter is landing by their camp to pick them up and return them to the Basecamp at Barneo. They have actually drifted more than 10 kilometres from the geographical North Pole, so the ice is still moving a lot and breaking up, but their camp is well placed in safe ice.
Yesterday was a truly bonus day. They just relaxed, ate and played around. They found a lead and went for a swim! – While being great fun it also filled them with deep respect for the waters up there. It is quite something to swim and struggle around among slush and ice knowing you have 4000 metres of water below you.
But now their sights are on the return. We do not know for sure when they will be back in Longyearbyen, but it still looks like Friday is the best bet as the weather looks good. We should know later today.

Playing at the beach

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