Back to Ice Station Barneo and Longyearbyen

Published 13.04 in category North Pole 2008: Three Expeditions

Yesterday our pilot picked us up at 13.00 Norwegian time and flew us back to Ice Station Barneo. The second night on the North Pole was easier for the expedition members than the first. People had a bit of problems the first night, which is to be expected; everything is new and different, and the cold keeps you awake. Even though your sleeping bag is warm enough, it feels strange to breathe in extremely cold air. The second night was easier for everyone.

Yesterday morning we stayed in our camp, waiting for our aeroplane. After arriving safely at Barneo, we enjoyed a good hot meal. We were also treated to a stay in nice, warm Russian tents, and didn’t have to unpack our own.

Now we’re waiting for our flight; it’s in the air and it won’t be long. We expect to be leaving here around 12.30, and reaching Longyearbyen at 15.00.

Everything is right on schedule, and all of us are in fine shape.

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