Back to the backpacks

Published 01.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday was back to the backpacks.

We are about to move out of the glacier now. This last one we crossed was the San Rafael glacier, or rather part of it. It is one of the biggest glaciers here in the Northern Patagonia Icecap.

We carried the camp all the way across a small ice field, starting with backpacks and pulkas, and then when the crevasses were too bad we had to take two turns, first pulkas and then the backpacks, all the way down.

We found the place where we are going to exit the glacier and it’s Ok. Not too good, not too bad, but all together it will not be a problem.

So, after all, it was a very heavy day, good thing we were well rested.  A lot of walking, part of it on ice, part on moraine sands and some with crampons as well. At least it was not too steep, only in some places. But as I said, at the end it was a long and hard day.

The weather was not too bad, we had some rain on and off, and today it looks a bit better. Now we remember all this sun we had before !

Everything is good, spirits are high as we approach firm land again.

So, talk (or write…) to you tomorrow ! 


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