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Published 31.03 in category In Shackleton's footsteps - South Georgia 2013

We are at Strømnes, in the ship, after a great trip!

We went about 10k from the last cam. Along the shore and across a mountain party, just as Shackleton, down to Strømnes. On our route we have seen hundreds of elephant seals, fur seals and penguins. We had to cross a river on our way here. Besides the crossing there was no obstacles that made the travel rough.
The day has been extraordinary nice, and right now it feels like I have never seen such a wildlife! The weather is sunny and calm and it really feels like summertime.
We are all really satisfied with the crossing. The variety of this trip is amazing, and it makes the South Georgia crossing something extraordinary, in terms of expedition life.
Now we look forward to get a shower and a better dinner at the boat.
Tomorrow we are headed to Grytviken!
Regards, Børge and the Team

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