Back to work…

Published 09.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Day 13:

Back to work. Started skiing today at eight o’clock. We felt that something was going to happen. And it did. Winds from south and south west, up to 16-m/ sec and -15C made the start pretty harsh. The storm continued throughout the whole day. The wind picked up even a little bit more around 16.30 so we decided that enough is enough and pitched tents when we still where in control. Pitching tents were no problem for this well trained gang, and soon the kettle was on melting snow for a Real-dinner. We are using Helsport Svea 4-camp X-treme, one of the best tents in the world, and which makes us feel completely safe all the way.

We would all like to send our best regards and a big thanks to Kristine Joramo for the work she is doing for us back home. And to the legend Lars Ebbesen for giving us accurate information on weather and useful thoughts and news.

Cheers guys! Are and the windy team..

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