Published 12.04 in category North Pole 2012

The Barneo ‘airport’ is one of the worlds most spectacular…

Barneo, Thursday evening: This is as crazy as any airport you ever visit. A rubbed down lump of ice floating around not far from the North Pole. It starts with a few guys in parachutes with some equipment and ends as the most northerly airstrip in the world with jet planes landing on wheels.

The flight of our friends had been a revelation! They were treated to the Polar Sea at its best. The landing capping it all as a huge plume of snow engulfs the plane.

They were greeted and should spend a few hours there, getting a tour and enjoying a bite in the mess tent. Bengt meeting up with loads of friends and colleges from close to the Pole on both sides. – All smiling broadly. In a few hours they will be flown out to their drop off point.

We expect more news tomorrow morning.

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