beautiful day. again… :)

Published 24.04 in category North West passage 2018



Today was a beautiful day, we woke up to 31 below, small breeze from the west, and sunny. We had a great day on the ice, and made over 24 km today. We were so happy to see land again, and we have now crossed over and reached King william Island.

All good in the arctic, Rune & Team

Some words from expedition member Stuart:

“Today we skied across an interesting pressure ridge. It was about 2 meters high which is not unusual but the ridge ran for at least 10 km in a perfectly straight line. The ridge was likely formed last autumn when the sea ice froze to a thickness of one-half meter and then a full moon high tide forced the ice up. Often we will see ridge after ridge in a rectangular pattern but this ridge stood alone. When there are many pressure ridges close together we have pack ice such as we had for 2 days east of Jenny Lind Island. Imagine dumping a jigsaw puzzle out of the box and the pieces are randomly stacked on each other. That is how difficult pack ice appears to the skier. Such pack ice is formed by multiple storms breaking up the ice and tossing it around. The forces involved are tremendous and the results often beautiful; however, it makes for difficult skiing.  When faced with pack ice we try to find the line of least resistance which results in a lot of zig zagging and a shorter  distance covered…  Fortunately we are through with the pack ice on this trip.

Bear wants you to know that he is still enjoying his Big Adventure and got to chase some birds today.

All the best, Stuart”


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