Beautiful weather

Published 28.10 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

A little bit of wind from the West but weather keeps on being beautiful, sun is shining and the mountains all arounbd us are just magnificent. It is amazing, something I have never seen here. I think I already said it…but this is just like paradise!

After 7 hours of walking yesterday we are already on the other side of the mountain and we can see San Rafael glacier ahead of us. We expect another good day tomorrow and we are moving very fast. Still we never know what kind of obstacles we might encounter ahead, and specially as we go down from the ice.

All the team is very happy and we keep very strong.

See our position on:

Hi, hi ! from all of us, here in Southern Patagonia Icecap .


2013pata06breaking_camp                                             2013pata08campohielo     






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