Beautiful wind!

Published 30.08 in category Greenland Fall 2016


Beautiful wind!

We have had a day with northerly winds throughout the whole day. Easy in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. First half of the day was blue sky, but the afternoon came with some clouds, making beautiful scenery around us. The wind was tiring so we stopped the day after 7 legs. Day gave us 18,5 km and ended at 220 masl.

Team member of the day is Rene! Coming from Baffin Island, Canada he is used to Arctic climate. He is the biggest member of the team and therefore a valuable puller! As the others, he also has humor for any occasion which is very important!

The N.I.C.E. team!

Baard Helge sent this message from: Lat 66.244973 Lon -41.973975

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