Better weather forecast for Friday

Published 25.01 in category South Pole 2008

There was no takeoff today, due to high winds out on the runway. However, the weather forecast is better for Friday afternoon; at least those who are responsible for air service to Patriot Hill are optimistic. So we have time to relax …

All the climbers have returned to base.

We’ve been given access to one of the large, semi-permanent tents, which is furnished with tables and chairs. The temperature here is comfortable and we have space to move around – here we can relax, chat and play cards, and cook food for ourselves when we’re hungry. Right now it’s full house, filled with about 40 people who are all waiting to depart with the Ilyushin 76.

The photo below was taken after we disembarked from the aeroplane that first brought us to Patriot Hills, from Punta Arenas. In other words, it’s not standing out there ready on the runway.

It is lively here in the tent, and there is a good mood in the camp. Amongst our company is a group of Englishmen who have also been out skiing the Antarctic. And so naturally a lot of good stories are exchanged, from far and wide. It’s fascinating. All is well and we’re having a good time here in the “waiting hall”.


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