Beyond Shackelton

Published 04.12 in category Igor & Victor


Igor before departure on the skis decorated by his family!

SATURDAY: A very cheerful duo called in and reported a new record of 18,8km, the weather was better and they had descended 50 metres. They report also that they are now in good shape and feel the bodied work well and the acclimatising is over. They are ready to push harder if the weather allows and they have to reach the 14th.

But the big thing fore these very historically minded guys was that when they camped at S88°23,033 / 170°00,232 Saturday Friday evening it meant they had beaten Ernest Shackleton’s record. He turned around this close to the coveted South Pole and just survived the return trip. To this day he is held in the highest regard among Norwegian and international Polar Explorers.

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