Big lead and rough ice

Published 15.04 in category North Pole Last Degree 2013

Day 3

Started out really chilly and windy, with temperatures at around -30, it was the coldest day so far. After a while the wind dropped, so the drift, and eventually it became clear and beautiful weather.

IMG_0049 kopiSome rough ice and even a big lead made the day.. Exciting. The lead was almost 200 m wide with open water in it, making it impossible to cross it. Shifting the course more east, they had to walk in a north-easterly direction for almost 5 km before they found a way to cross.

They set camp at N 89° 32′ / E 151° 15′

As part of our cooperation with the Norwegian Polar Institute, the team is measuring the ice every day, and writing reports, to give a picture of the ice-conditions this year. This is something we do every year, in order to give the Polar Institute the information they need for their statistics. _DSC3196

Bengt & the Team


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