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Published 10.12 in category South Pole 2010

What a day. In Antarctica, things either happen very fast – or not at all!

18:50 Chilean time we got a call. “We are in the tent and have done 3,5 km today!”

Since Christian and Marit arrived back at the Union Glacier camp last night we have had very busy times. Immediately they gathered and had a meeting. There they learned that Karl had opted out of the Last Degree Team. In the long wait, he and Terry had done a lot of skiing with sledges. In fact they did 55km! That is very impressive, and having done half the Last Degree distance Karl found out he wanted to be sure to be back home well ahead of Christmas. He was able to join a South Pole flight and flew in to tick off that very unique spot on out Globe.

He is done and happy and will fly out later today or tomorrow.

The others rolled up their sleeves (literary that is, Antarctica is not the place to flash the flesh) and organised the expedition. This morning all was ready to go – apart for the weather. Bad weather seemed to dictate that they could not fly out to the drop off point till late Saturday!

But then at13:25 we got a rush call. They had gotten a small weather window and take-off was in 15 minutes!

We waited and just now the call from the tent came in. The happiest 3 people in Antarctica had done a short trek, made the camp and was now enjoying life in solitude and peace. Terry was over the moon, they were eating a Norwegian Christmas cake and all was looking forward to dinner. And all was feeling very well.

The last thing is good. They are now at nearly 3000 metres, but that is about equivalent of 4000 meter in the Himalayas so the altitude is very real. And the chance of altitude sickness is severe. Luckily, they were so far ok after drinking and breathing a lot.

We wish them a good night and are very eager to get news tomorrow. Their plan now is to reach the South Pole in the 16th or the 17th of December.

Time will tell, stay tuned!

Goodbye to Union Glacier camp, now for the real stuff!

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