Published 16.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 23, Saturday 15th September: A very special dag. They woke up to more whiteout and tried for the straight line route. But ran straight into the crevasse area below Dogcamp. In 30 cm new and heavy snow and seeing nothing they had to give up getting through safely and backtracked and took the route around.
This was quite a detour, but it was easy going – apart from having to break a trail in deep snow. Bengt even described parts of it as downright boring (a word seldom used in the icefall) saying he almost fell asleep! But, as he added, he’ll take that any time as that was real luxury!
Late in the day they ran into another crevasse area and fumbled for a while to get safely trough. This they did as the whiteout lifted and this really helped. They pushed on and camped at 67°07,080N 49°28,014W . This was less than 20 kilometres in the right direction but all ain all they skied more tan 30 kilometres. 25 left.

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