Published 03.08 in category Nordaustlandet 2013

Hi, its a great atmosphere here in the tent. We are on the western point of Vestfonda now. Our camp is about 440 meters above sea level, and we still have good snow conditions.
Yesterday we did 23kilometers and camped on the topp of the ice field. The day started very warm, but then the rain came and we got all soaked. So the last part of the day was cold. The first cup of warm toddy is always great after such a day. Since we are well on schedule we allowed our self to take food from later day rations.
Surprisingly we had to cross a lot of crevasses yesterday. Not very big ones, but we had to rope up for the first part of the day.

Today we did 27.5 kilometers and its only 18 kilometers to the beach now! The day has been in completely whiteout. We walked in a moist and wet cloud. So basically we have walked blindfolded the whole day. Anyways, routines are drilled now and we are just pushing forward with a happy smile.

We had our part of rain this year, but there has also been sun and great views. All in all I think we´ve been lucky with the weather. With some luck the weather will be good and give us a good view tomorrow. We expect to be on the beach tomorrow night.

Regards, Børge and the Team!

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