Blog Day 29. Arrived in Kangerlussuaq !

Published 17.09 in category Greenland Fall 2019

We started off the last day as we always do, straight forward, fighting hard towards our goal. The snow was still pretty deep, but we could get through. Then, after 30 minutes we hit some really bad terrain. The snow got deeper and deeper and there were a lot of crevasses hidden under the snow. We fought in this terrain for some time, but we did not make any progress. Average speed about 400, maybe 500  meters per h our… And it did not feel safe.

At this point we were about 14kms from the end point, and we understood that it would be impossible to make it all the way down in the waist deep snow, with the cracks and crevasses criss-crossing all over. It would take us days. Days that we did not have…

So we decided to ask for helicopter support the last Kms. It was a sad way to end a perfect expedition, but when called upon you have to make the right decision. 

The Sikorsky helicopter picked us up at 15.00 on Monday the 16th of September, and we were flown to Kangerlussuaq. 

Instead of letting the decision about flying out and not walking out on our own feet on to the soil of West Greenland hold us down we went for a celebration-dinner last night. Because, after all, we have skied across the Greenland ice cap ! And that is really an achievement worth celebrating 🙂

Thanks for a wonderful trip, Wenche, Christer, Daphné, Geoff, Pelle and Ingvild. Thank to all of you readers of the blog for following us the last monthtoo, and thanks to all of you people back home following and waiting for us. Thanks to Lars and Bengt for all your help and support. 

And Cheers from Are and Pride expedition!

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