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This morning we woke up to 10 m/s of northernly wind and blue sky. We started walking at 08:00. The wind went down to a light breeze during the day and we just got a beautiful day. B-)

8 legs of in total 8,5 hours gave 23 km. We are now 57 km from the summit and are hoping to be there during the weekend. However, there are storms on all sides of Greenland threatening to slow us down…

Team member of the day is Rune! Rune comes from Svartisen in northern Norway and works as a glacier and dog sled guide, both for Team Ousland and his own business. He is the “trainee” guide on this crossing and will be guiding Greenland crossings in the future. A very good team player and a solid second in command of the expedition. N.I.C.E.

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