Bright sunshine and almost dead calm

Published 18.04 in category North Pole 2005

Almost Easter weather. It is still cold, but in such weather we forget about the freezing temperatures.

Lots of pressure ridges, thin impassable ice and leads of open water characterized the day.

Several times we had to cross over leads on thin ice where the whole group had to work as a team to get us quickly and safely over.

Torleif has tried Captain Nemo today and is now a new member of the exclusive North Pole Swim Club. He described it as being nice and warm. And his feet didn’t even get wet! Take that, Mr. Spite!

The group is now 35 km from the North Pole and, at the current pace, we should be there in two days.

The participants have experienced almost everything on this trip, except for Polar bears. However, bears have been observed at Boerneo, so perhaps they will drop in!

The divers on Boerneo made a dive down to 50 meters today and are planning on making an attempt at the record in two days.

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