Crossing Greenland is in many ways hard, you kind of create your own bubble when you enter the ice. As soon as the mountains disappear, that’s the moment you start forming this bubble. And I believe it is what you make of it, as there are no problems on the icecap itself, we however create these problems, we are the one who decide whether it’s hard, or dangerous or not.

It’s a mental game with different stages. Yes there are crevasses, storms, hurricanes, piteraqs and so on, but all this can be safe if its done correctly! Small issues can become big issues if it’s not handled right.

The way we have formed our bubble is one of the best bubbles I have been in, we have no problems, the group is just perfect! We all talked about this before the trip, and we all share the same dream of crossing this land!

The bubble is what you make it, let me take you in to our world for a moment. In the morning we have a system, there is a howl like a wolf, that’s our alarm clock! When all the tents are howling back, that means the pack is ready, they are strong, ready to explore and cover distance. Ofc there is a crazy laugh afterwards, but that’s just a way we have formed ourselves 😂

Today we passed the summit on our journey, that felt really good, the next stage in the mental game is the east coast! Which is our goal on this expedition😊

On the summit we had a group hug and putting all hands together and yelled “the white walkers” which is our expedition name 😊

Later on after cowering the normal distance of 26,5 Km Anja brought a surprise for the group – a home made cockie and tea for everyone 😊

Small things bring joy to the group, and after battling for days trough high wind and whiteout, it was really good to finally have a small achievement done😊

Even if we do 26,5km a day, the tents start snoring just after 9, and that’s not bad at all🤓

All good in Greenland 😊Rune & The white walkers😊

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