Building Up Speed

Published 30.08 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 6, Wednesday 29th August: Another great day as the started stretching their legs a bit. 24km without pushing, just getting into the rhythm was the end result as the weather continued. Today the wind changed direction to first 90° in and then almost from behind. This is proof that they are in the outskirts of the low pressure further south. In the evening a thin layer of clouds gathered, but all in all perfect conditions. They even used their facemasks, not for the wind but against the sun!
The spirit is high and the team works very well. And now tat things have calmed down Bengt grabs the chance to send his greetings to his dear loved ones Janne and the kids Ingrid-Sofie, Aslak and Ida-Marie (fikk jeg det riktig, Janne?)
They camped at: 66°01,387N 40°09,388W at about 1655m

If you feel sorry for them, feel again…


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