cake, rum and good company

Published 13.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013
Yesterday was a day in the tent for us. Wet snow, whiteout and windy, so we took it easy, relaxed and recuperated. We ate Ragnas cake and drank Thorleif’s rum. So not a day to complain about at all !

Got up 5 o clock this morning, and started digging out the tents which were completely snowed in after all the wind and snow we had. Some strong gusts last night, but this morning it was rather calm, so we got going.

Wind picked up and we walked in 10-15 m/s most of the day in complete whiteout with storm gusts in between. But the best day is a day of thirst as they say, and it has seldom felt better to be in the tent again enjoying a  double portion of dinner and hot tea. We are now only 5 km from Paso Marconi, and expect to leave the ice tomorrow morning. Weather looks promising, some clouds and fog, but we should soon enough descend below the clouds from our position here at 1500 metres. Fingers crossed.

 Our position:

Lat-49deg10’45” Lon-73deg12’10”

12-Nov-2013 23:31:59 UTC







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