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Published 06.01 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Jacob seeing Thiel Mountains on the horizon. The first sign of there end…

Friday morning: Yesterday was another absolutely wonderful day – sight. The wind was next to nothing and they could not get the kites up into the wind. But, for some reason the big kite of which they have just one, carries and gave very good lift. Rory and Teo used that to good effect, and with lots of heavy sledges in tow they managed to sail off in to the distance!

The others followed suit and with little weight did 33km fairly effortless. And in camp they were greeted buy tents already up and all bags in place. Big luxury. The 2 sailors had arrived at the planned position 3 hours earlier and had gone straight to work. This is teamwork. Spirit is high, but the wind seems to stay away for the coming days.



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