Changeable Conditions

Published 12.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 19, Tuesday 11th September: Not a bad day at all and 30,3 kilometres logged. But it started very windy, though, they braved it out. Soon they had an increase which, remembering yesterday, was not all that comfortable. But it never materialised into anything big and by lunch it stared to decrease. But it swung around and the hoped for tailwind became due west. But at least the snow had packed and the gliding was good.
Late in the day the temperatures started to rise and with only -4 to -5 and the odd glimpse of sun late on the snow started to stick and it all slowed down.

Then by camp the sun performed a great sunset, the temperature fell fast and a small draft with drift snow made for a fairytail evening.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow for good conditions and many kilometres.

No facemasks!

No facemasks!

Bengt checking his rear view mirror


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